Monthly Archives: February 2022

Whitmore’s Pond Poachers

With daybreak near, the tall clock will soon strike six, accompanied by freezing rain drumming on the kitchen roof. I just returned from there with a cup of black, unsweetened coffee in hand, now steaming to my left on a desktop coaster. To me, early morning is the best time for introspection and creative thought, […]

Wendell Lad Rides Rails to Fame & Fortune

I have happened upon another interesting historical character – one who passed through South Deerfield on his way to railroad immortality. His name was Jonas Brown Wilder II (1813-1906). I discovered Wilder during Greenfield-newspaper research on my Arms family. Searching for information on Dennis Arms, credited as the founder of South Deerfield’s 19th-century pocketbook-manufacturing industry, […]

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