Monthly Archives: July 2013

Symbolic Sumac

This is not about the moon, though I suppose it could be, because it seems my Cancer existence is always backlit by lunar influence. That beautiful, amber Full Buck Moon has passed and the clear starlit sky has left my midnight driveway darkened this week, a blackness that is palpable as I walk from the […]

Cover Commotion

It finally arrived Monday! I was starting to wonder. Truth be told, I had been eagerly awaiting it since dismissing as inadequate the homogenized news reports I had read, watched and listened to following that sad day in April when two curb-side pressure cookers exploded, killing three and permanently impacting the lives of far too […]

River Reflections

That light orange sliver of a hot new crescent moon had long ago set in the dawning horizon and it was  boys’ day out on the Green River, three of us, grandfather and grandsons. You know what they say about the apple falling not far from the tree? It was palpable. Questions, questions and more […]

Razin’ Cane

It’s weird how wandering thoughts are triggered. With me, often they’re launched by the senses, this time scent, a soft, alluring sea-borne aroma, fishy and salty, that we all know. Some would wrinkle the bridge of their nose, say “eeeyuew” and run like frightened hare. Not me. It’s just harmless body odor, have smelt much […]

Holdiay Musing

The patriotic summer holiday is here, flags proudly waving to passersby and, yes, my wheels are spinning out of control. So let’s begin with those tall browning hayfields you’ve probably noticed in your travels. If they seem odd, well, they are — the result of prolonged wet weather we’ve endured, preventing what farmers call first […]

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