Monthly Archives: March 2013

Under The Lens

You built your tower strong and tall, can’t you see it’s got to fall someday? Townes Van Zandt “Tower Song”  Spring is the time of sprouts and seedlings, buds and leaves, floods and flowers, growth and nest-building — the soggy, saturated season that stirs thoughts I don’t other months entertain. Honestly, this tiptoe introspection only […]

Cougar Classrooms

Hmmmm? Isn’t it interesting, maybe even humorous how topics with furry legs and big teeth linger? Yes, here I sit — still studying ritualistic landscapes and sacred burial grounds of our ancient indigenous tribes, with a current focus on sites called Wissatinnewag and Peskeomskut, where Northeastern Indians congregated in peace and harmony each spring to […]

Change Is Near

Two songs: one upbeat, joyous, the fiddle and mandolin giggling; the other foreboding, threatening, the tall stand-up base groaning in distress. I have hesitated for some time to jump into the gun-control fray, but will go there today; for what, I do not know. What do I have to gain? So, first, the happy tune […]

Old Stompin’ Grounds

How difficult it is to describe what came over me right after hooking a hard right at the North Pleasant Street rotary onto Governors Drive, heading for Commonwealth Avenue, the UMass Parking Garage and an afternoon lecture at Bartlett 61. Yes, tough indeed to describe, uncomfortable, too. The place just isn’t for me. Never was […]

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