Monthly Archives: August 2012

Photo Evidence?

Yep, another cougar tale. What can I say? They just keep coming at me. This latest report immediately piqued my interest for a few reasons: first, the southwestern New Hampshire location; second, an interesting photo; and third, I knew the man who wrote the front-page New Hampshire Sunday News story. I was first alerted to […]

Seafood Platter

One of those days, I guess. Maybe it was the clear, cool air that greeted me at 6 a.m., perhaps the strong, black coffee, possibly even lingering effects from that red-hot, spicy marinara sauce I concocted in a flash Tuesday afternoon, then devoured in the evening over a thick bed of linguine. Whatever the impetus, […]

Close Encounter

It’s really starting to get wild here in cougar country. First, sightings, then related follow-ups and safety concerns; now shiny green eyes and a guttural grumble that’s difficult to describe, even from close quarters … real close, like, say, five or six feet, if you can believe it. Yes, folks, it looks like these cougar […]

Another Cougar

Uh-oh, here we go again. Buckle your chinstraps. Fasten your seat belts. Looks like another flurry of cougar sightings — four legs, distinctive long tail — the latest one close to home. But, first, a little background. This most recent surge began quite inauspiciously more than a month ago, when an envelope on my Recorder […]

Full-Moon Ramble

Blame that waxing Sturgeon Moon; it cleared the air, brightened the stars and sharpened my perspective, a cool, gentle midnight breeze through the bedside window whisking away the dust and cobwebs, a tiny drop of  grease setting the cranial wheels free for silent pillow probes. Sleep? Hell no. Not on moonlit nights. So here I […]

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