Monthly Archives: January 2012

Broken Silence

Here I sit, dilapidated, duct-taped knee brace strapped to my chronic left knee, recuperating from a flare-up that required my first drainage and cortisone-shot remedy since injuring the joint on a bad 1976 landing while stealing second base at East Longmeadow’s Veterans Field. Cortisone had been suggested once in the past but I settled instead […]

Winter Woes

Good thing I dug out my rugged hunting boots with the aggressive tread for a Wednesday-morning trek with the dogs. Icy and treacherous underfoot, I|couldn’t even walk my regular path. Nope. Had to trudge along the edge, crossing the path several times, previous days’ footprints glare ice after overnight rain, the ice getting harder and […]

Cougar Ramble

Another hectic start to column-writing day, which began with a robust workout and moved fluidly from a doctor’s appointment, to running the dogs, to the bank, to the gas station, to Foster’s for dinner and finally home, where I filled the stoveside wood cradle, swept up the debris and poured myself a cup of coffee. […]

Leyden Lion

It’s before noon Wednesday. I just finished Chapter 6 of a book I’m reading about a colonial Boston minister and poured myself a soothing cup of tea sweetened by Apex Orchards honey. So, now, here I sit at a familiar station for the first time after more than a month of vacation, looking out at […]

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