Monthly Archives: July 2011


Wow! Imagine that. The cougar killed more than a month ago on a Milford, Conn., highway was wild, not the escaped or released pet the experts were praying for. Yes, the road-killed cat was wild indeed, had traveled all the way from South Dakota’s Black Hills, no journey for lightweights. So mark my words, admittedly […]

Lakeside Respite

Loons laughed, wailed and moaned as we enjoyed perfect vacation weather last week on a peaceful North Country lake called Harvey’s in West Barnet, Vt. Most of the time, it was just me, wife Joanne, grandson Jordi and the three dogs. No TV, no cell-phone service, no computer distractions. A heavenly change of pace in […]

Clearing the Air

Here I sit, vacation relaxed, yet compelled to write about a leftover subject I couldn’t get to last week that fits snugly into this, the week of Casey Anthony’s surprising Florida acquittal. My story is about an unfortunate defendant who, like Anthony, was falsely accused and, unlike Anthony, didn’t live to tell about it. Nope. […]

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