Monthly Archives: June 2011

Birthday Ramble

This is a  post on my 58th birthday as I race toward old age with no regrets and no apologies for indiscretions. Though lame, I’m still young at heart, had a great time getting here, will enjoy what’s left and cling with fury to my rebel spirit, borne of the Sixties. * Maybe I should […]

Man’s Best Friend

Catalpa pollen, fawn prints, second nests and puppies: that’s where we’re headed today after an otherwise uneventful week by a careful observer in the fertile Meadows. Catalpas? Well, my itchy eyes and allergic tickles should have told me they were blooming. As kids we called them banana trees, and they bug me every year around […]

Road Kill

So, what’s up with this dead cougar that showed up on a Milford, Conn., highway early Saturday morning? If this is the first you’ve heard of it, then it’s either shame on the news sources that feed you or shame on you for living in a bubble. The story spread like the Arizona wildfires, beginning […]


Strawberries are ripe, hayfields are scalped and the sweet smell of wild rose fills the meadow air … along with a personal sense of accomplishment following a fruitful weekend trip to The Fort at No. 4. There, in historic Charlestown, N.H., participants from far and wide converged for an entertaining French & Indian War battle […]

Power Plays

The powers that be and those who manufacture power form a dangerous alliance, one fish, fowl and bipeds should flee, escaping schemers and investors who may yet breathe their fatal fire, its toxic smoke just a balmy breeze away. First the fish, still struggling to survive, adapting to the industrial cesspools in which they live. […]

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