Monthly Archives: January 2011

Oaks Revisited

Wow! Quite a reaction to last week’s piece about my difficulties identifying by sight the different oaks in our forest. Criticism, advice and gracious hands-on offers to teach me proper recognition of red, white and chestnut oaks came my way in rapid fashion. The feedback came from hunters and gatherers, hikers and foresters, ladies and men. Clearly, it’s high […]

A Hidden Gem

A six-foot snow bank at a dead end marked the beginning of our quarter-mile trek through deep, fluffy, toe-dragging snow. We skirted the pile and followed a convenient foot-wide deer path down the wooded trail into a peaceful hollow before ascending to the crest of a gentle hill long ago cleared by and named after […]

Whitetail Feedback

Last week’s “What deer?” column drew reader comments, some written, another phoned, all throwing in their two-cents’ worth about the status of our Franklin County deer herd. Not one painted a rosy picture. The freshest response came by cell phone Tuesday evening around 5. It was Phil Phillips, an old chum from my hometown of […]

What Deer?

What to make of the 2010 deer season? That’s the question that’s been bugging me for the past few weeks. Not a scientific analysis. Just trying to make sense of observations I am not academically trained to interpret. A deer expert I am not. Far from it, in fact. The only kind of field research […]

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