Monthly Archives: November 2010

Heaven Sent

This is a tale of perseverance and Thanksgiving, that of octogenarian Richard Phelps, known to his family as “Ritt,” Vermonter to the core, a throwback from way back. Phelps claims he’s applied for a Vermont moose permit every year since they became available “and they finally gave me one at prit’near 90.” Or, at least, […]

Swamp Bucks

An expert deer hunter I am not, do not profess to be, never had the benefit of a venerable mentor to hunt beside, teach me. Yes, I have taken deer over the years, mostly does when holding a rare permit during shotgun or blackpowder. But, still, I always keep my eyes open and try to […]


The air was gray, leaves piled in massive, narrow mounds, front yard and back, as the rain let up and a strong, blustery, north wind rattled the dining-room window like a ghost begging for coffee. I took it as a call from the wild, 9:05 a.m. on old Eli Terry, pride of Plymouth, Conn., circa 1824. It looked like […]

Mutual Reliance

Breaking in a new gun dog is a chore that’s only as unpleasant as you choose to make it. You can be demanding — screaming, hollering and getting physical — or, then again, just try to make it fun by taking the pressure off and letting the animal’s instincts rule. I prefer the latter. But that’s just me. […]

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