Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Greatest Gift

I have for days been watching small, bright-yellow, black-walnut leaves falling to the neighbor’s lawn across the street as orange-tinged maple leaves waltz like airborne breast feathers to my backyard. Early? Yes. At least two weeks ahead of  last fall, which I remember well. Premature crunchy leaves underfoot should come as no surprise. Hasn’t everything […]

Woodland Waltz

My fourth cord of wood was piled high in the shed, air cool, morning sun bright … off to my favorite Whately stomping grounds. Eli Terry, rhythmic heartbeat ticking from his dining-room shelf, read 11 a.m. My only worry was bear season. I didn’t want to get me or my dogs shot. But who’s going […]

Not A Cougar

The call came shortly before1 p.m. Wednesday, me searching for something to top this space. It was from Deerfield, a man with whom I share many interests, the salient one being local history. But this was not a history call; he was calling about a handsome wildcat that’s been spotted many times this summer around Deerfield’s […]

Pantheist Seeds

September’s here. The full August moon is waning; never really appeared till after the fact, when low gray skies opened for a splendid, cool, clear, sunny weekend, great weather for opening the barn and letting warm, dry winds chase out lingering dampness. The weekend was special for another reason. Grandson Jordie paid a solo visit, […]

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