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  1. Would have to know a little more, Mark. Can’t remember an Aldrich family when I was a kid growing up in S. Dfld. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t one there, but likely not. Could a female Aldrich have been married and living there under another surname in the 60s-70s? In the meantime, I’ll run Aldrich past a friend who’s going through/photographing town records to create digital archive.

  2. Mark A. Powers

    You don’t happen to know anything about the Aldrich House, which was located in South Deerfield, circa 1870, 1880 (i.e. history, specific location)?

  3. Yes, he’s from the same bolt of cloth, Paul, lived on River Road, Whately, in what is now Change Farm, the house leveled in Sept. 2013, I think. There were two Walters — Walter Wing and Walter Whitney — father and son (off top of head), the latter father of Winthrop Sanderson, to whom I spoke about genealogy before he died some time ago. He was at the time near 90 and living in West Hartford, Conn., in son and daughter-in-law’s mother-in-law cottage. He had worked in the 50s as groundskeeper at Northfield School for Girls, where my father had met and spoken with him. Yes, by all means, let me in or your findings. Such stuff is always of interest on this end.

  4. Paul Grzybowski

    Gary, Hello and Spring greetings from Orange, Ma, This is Paul Grzybowski, a name hard to spell but easy to remember, if you know what I mean. Are you by chance related to a Walter Sanderson of the So.Deerfield area circa 1905? If yes, please get in touch with me by email and I will pass on some info I re-discovered from the Greenfield Recorder of that time period. Hope you’re well, PG

  5. Unfortunately, Linda, my Old Tavern Farm is in Greenfield MA. I am aware of the Maine farm you’re speaking of. Have seen it in my cyber travels. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. Wow! A blast from the past. Always good to hear from you. Will check out this Ithaca cat.

  7. Robert B. Giknis

    Gary Tonight on facebook there was a series of pictures of a large cat strolling across the Ithaca College campus. Not sure if it is a large bobcat or a mountain lion. was unable to save images to forward to you. One of the comments was that it was in fact a lion. I thought this might pique your interest

  8. Gary, here is written testimony in the case of Mary Bliss Parsons that pertains to rattlesnakes:
    “George Alexander, Samuel Allen, and Goidy Webb testifieth that they were present when the ox of William Hannum was stung with the rattle snake and they did notice nothing but what might come to pass in an ordinary way that thy killed the rattlesnake. August 18, 1656, testified upon oath before us, william Houlton, Thomas Bascum”.

    And the excerpt from William Hannum’s testimony “…I was going to Windsor with my oxenand cart and about 4 mile from our town (Northampton) as I was going whether my ox hung out his tongue or whether he went to eat for it fell out, that a wrattle snake bitt him by the tongue and there he died. These things doe sometimes run in my mind that I cannot have my mind from this Woman (Mary Bliss Parsons) that if she be not right this way she may bee the cause of these things, though I desire to look at over the rulinge hand of God on all. Testifiyed on osth before mee, Elizur Holyoke”

  9. I would love to speak to your sister, though it’s been some time since I’ve thought about Annie Gibson/Coburn/Snow. I know her grave and did find information about her from Boston Home for Little Wanderers, which may have been mentioned in my post. I was not aware she ended up in a similar Springfield home for orphans. Interesting. Keep in touch. I love this stuff.

  10. Mike Carr

    Hello Gary –

    You have distant (and yet not so distant) relatives in and around Westborough, MA. We are the descendants of Beatrice, Annie (Coburn) Snow’ daughter. We were referred to your web site and article regarding the Snow tragedy in the orchard in 1891. Wonderfully written. A few tid-bits of info, although you may have many more than we; Annie E. Snow = Annie E. Coburn = Annie E. Gibson born 1857, Sept. 15 in Medford, MA to Samuel S. Gibson of England and Mary Gibson of Ireland. We’ve been tracking down Annie for a few weeks if not months now. I’m trying to find her adoption papers from the Home of Friendless in Springfield. I found the court registered Name Change document in microfiche indicating the prior and new names of Annie for when she was adopted by J.P Coburn.

    I believe my sister Joanne has or will be contacting you. Not sure you get many distant relatives reaching out but it’s a wonderful thing to know more of the family.

    Mike Carr
    Shrewsbury, MA

  11. Yes, John, we have communicated, I think less than a year ago, though time flies. You sent me a packet of material, including your own profile. I still have in a pile on my desk the stuff you sent me in a big brown envelope. I’m not sure what to believe but, as with most anything, I keep an open mind, which will take a man much farther than to alternative. I have o doubt that cougars are at the very least passing through the Northeast and have been for decades, though I know the card-carrying experts disagree. Thanks for making contact again. Let’s stay in touch.

  12. Not sure if I have ever corresponded with you, but your last name, rings a solid bell of research studies with me. Ivan T. Sanderson, was 1 of my closest friends and a co-field researcher of numerous wildlife mysteries, of which 1 is the pesky “wild, native free-roaming eastern puma-mountain lion’! I put this subject in present terms, for I and thousands of witnesses across the eastern U.S., are 100% POSITIVE, the eastern, wild, native, free-roaming PUMA has NOT gone the way of carrier pigeons. Since 1960, we (Eastern Puma Research Network of Maysville, WV) have collected over 9,000 reports, tapes, videos of CONFIRMED pumas in 11 eastern states. Their actions, tell numerous wildlife scientists and I, “the native, free-roaming, eastern puma-cougar-mountain lion NEVER left the forests or woodlands of states, east of the Mississippi River”. We (Eastern Puma Research Network), disagree 100% with the 2011 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Eastern Cougar Survey claims, the position of CRF & CN, of all cougars being seen across eastern U.S., are of cougars traveling east from the Dakotas. #1) 15 years ago, the Dakoats ONLY had a handful of wild cougars. #2) wild cougars do NOT travel long distances east/west! Wild cougars travel extended distances following mountain ranges, not roadways. If interested in additional comments, I can be reached at epuma@frontier.com or http://www.eprn.homestead.com

  13. And the beat goes on, Jeff. Thanks for the report.

  14. Jeff Mias

    Gary, FYI…

    With relatives in the Springfield/Northampton region, it was suggested that I bring my recent mountain lion sighting to YUOR attention as well.

    From: Jeff Mias
    Subject: Mountain Lion sighting, Northfield Mountain
    To: “mass.wildlife@state.ma.us”
    Date: Monday, September 26, 2011, 1:36 PM

    Good Afternoon —

    On the morning of Sunday, September 25 2011, I was mountain biking on Northfield Mountain in Northfield, MA.

    On my decent, at about 10:30am near the base of the mountain, I was riding rather slowly on the B Bar W trail (via the Lower Jug End trail) and witnessed a mountain lion crossing the trail no more than 150 feet ahead of me. The animal appeared to be tracking something; it moved slowly from my right to my left and did not appear to notice me. It certainly never looked towards me. I immediately turned around, got back to the Lower Jug End trail and rode back to the Visitor’s Center.

    A number of people I’ve spoken with, have suggested that I report the sighting to this Department.

    Thank you

    Jeff Mias
    Worcester, MA

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