Fish Tale Addendum

Because I got carried away last week writing about the Medieval Warming Period’s relationship, if any, to contemporary global warming, I ran out of space for an interesting e-mail from old friend Steve Stange.

I had mentioned Stange the previous week in a 1974 fish story about the day we coaxed a chain pickerel — lurking alongside a large, flat, submerged Leeds Reservoir rock — to take a whack at our broken-back Rapala lure. The fish had teased us through the summer on our way to and from a Middlefield land-surveying job. So we finally decided to catch it, perhaps illegally, can’t really say for sure. Does it really matter? The statute of limitations must have passed by now.

Stange chimed in from cyberspace because his aunt had mailed my piece to him. He read it and wanted to contribute additional information. That and offer his fact-checking skills. I had estimated the fish to be “two feet or more” in length but wasn’t certain. Stange was. He said it measured 26 inches, a big pickerel by anyone’s standards. What surprised him most, however, was that I had omitted a key component that’s still salient in his memory.

“That fish had a Daredevil lure in its mouth (I still have it) along with a No. 6 bait hook,” he wrote. “I recall on the ride home discussing the notion that at least two local people had a fish story that was not believed by most.”

Likely so. Now it’s documented.

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