What They Don’t Tell You

It’s getting to the point where I can’t take it. I shut off the TV, close the windows and scream. It bothers me that much listening to optimistic Republican talking heads confidently predicting a comeback like the one following Goldwater’s landslide defeat of 1964.

After that election, the likes of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan appeared finished, dead and buried, the country headed in a new direction, similar to today. But Nixon and Reagan and the Bushes didn’t lie dormant long. No, they came back with a vengence by reframing the Grand Old Party with Southern-racist, Christian-conservative “Dixiecrats” and anti-abortion Catholics who switched parties and swung elections for more than a generation. Those people went to the polls in droves for guns and God while the Flower people withdrew, alienated and disillusioned, their leaders dead or jailed.

Finally, the wheels came flying off the wagon, compliments of incompetent puppet George W. Bush, a.k.a Bush Light, probably our worst, least-qualified president ever. The dreadful, corrupt Bush years energized a youth movement the likes of which had not been experienced since the Sixties, and out of it came Obama.

Today’s revisionist talking heads would have you believe that people came to their senses after the turbulent Sixties, saw the light, so to speak, and figured it all out in the Seventies. We were headed in the wrong direction and they made a much-needed correction, changed course. At least that’s what they’d have you believe; and those who weren’t around for the Sixties take it hook, line and sinker, victims of boob-tube manipulation. But what these talking heads craftily neglect to mention are the two Kennedy assassinations in the span of five years, not to mention Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and others who were silenced. Those murders and nothing else is what brought Republicans back into power. Even with JFK gone after 1963, had Bobby survived to win the 1968 election, we would have never seen Nixon or Reagan in the White House. Few would disagree.

Were those assassinations pure coincidence? Fate?

Yeah, right! Very difficult to accept for anyone who reads and reasons.

Count me among them.

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