Monthly Archives: March 2017

Lunchtime On Boondocks Pond

As MassWildlife’s Western District stocking crews deposit netfuls of large, fresh and frisky trout along the upper Deerfield River this week, diehards are still ice-fishing at secluded upland ponds nearby. Well, at least I think there’s still enough ice left up there. “I hope so,” growled my buddy Killer, still a hard-charger at 72, when […]

Beech Blowback

One never knows when a topic tossed into the city square for public discussion will attract interest and spur feedback like last week’s subject — beech trees — did. Who knows why? It just did. Among the folks of both genders chiming in were a card-carrying historian/archaeologist, a couple of foresters — one a photographer […]

Back To The Beech Grove

I have for many decades been fascinated by beech trees and beech stands — from the mature, elephant-skinned sentries standing tall and broad, to their understory infants immediately below, to the empty, thorny husks and the small, three-sided nuts they contain for posterity — all interesting and, when you probe the depths, perplexing in many […]

Comeback Kid

Amazing. Incredible. Astounding. Astonishing. Miraculous. Or, maybe just plain unlikely. Those are the adjectives that snugly fit my geriatric English springer spaniel gun dog Lily’s recuperative powers as she closes in on her 13th birthday. This biddable pet never ceases to amaze me as I observe her during our daily rambles that run deep. What […]

A Twister Was Brewing

Saturday morning. Mid-May weather. Roaring backyard brook singing baritone accompaniment to the morning cardinal’s joyous melody emanating from the naked pink weigela bush. Across the horseshoe driveway’s snow-lined western leg, a thin, silent trickle of glistening snow-melt spills down toward a puddle behind the mailbox. Ah, the ebullient sights and sounds of spring, albeit premature. As we […]

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