Monthly Archives: February 2013

Witch’s Brew

Gray and rainy, trees frosted with thin white shadows, backyard brook whispering a melting melody that soon will roar that spring’s here; and, oh yeah, one brilliant, lonely, lazy cardinal whistling a happy tune from his midriff perch in a tall streamside sugar maple. Me? Well, content, not melancholy by any stretch, welcoming spontaneous introspection, […]

Cat Trackers

Cougars, the four-legged variety, are again on the front burner. … Well, sort of. Truth be told, I have for more than a month been going back and forth on the phone and by email with a man named Ray Weber, spokesman for “Cougars of the Valley,” a local group in dogged pursuit of conclusive […]

Bare Bones

It always starts in slow-motion, like someone squeezing lightly on an eyedropper full of sweet wildflower honey. Drip … drip … drip. Tediously slow. Like Chinese water torture. Then all hell breaks loose. I always know when it’s coming, the bright sun heating frigid air and warming the black Guilford slates under a deep roof […]

All Riled Up

Whew! What a day, week, month, fresh new year. Freakin’ incredible! Information’s been flying at me like angry white-faced hornets, all of it interrelated, interesting, dynamic and highly contagious. I told my wife the other day that all the details bombarding me have created such a bizarre, glistening labyrinth that I fear I’m going to […]

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