Monthly Archives: July 2012


Curiosity is a stiletto, needle-point, both edges razor sharp, lethal in the wrong hands, yet also a stimulating path to discovery — just one more double-edged sword from which I have never cowered. In fact, I slide it under my belt to tickle my grandsons’ fancy, maybe even that of their children if ever so […]

Different Strokes

Call it changing on the fly. What I really wanted to do today, sitting here in my customary Wednesday chair at a most unusual time, was compose a sad song, my personal lament for the end of the Connecticut River salmon-restoration program we’ve followed for two generations. No matter how hard they tried — and […]

Chain Reaction

With news flying at me last week like black flies in a sticky Maine bog, I never got to a subject I wanted to discuss but figured I’d get to it this week. So, here it is: the subject of deer jumping to their deaths one by one off highway overpasses in deadly chain reactions. […]

Troubling Taboo

We call it “The Canopy,” a formal upstairs bedroom capping the southeast corner of our home’s main block, an 1827 addition by the last of three consecutive Samuel Hinsdales to own the property. I typically sleep there when my grandson supplants me in my downstairs bed, but this was the first time we had two […]

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