Monthly Archives: June 2012

Passion and Panic

I knew before pulling out my desk chair Wednesday morning that it was dangerous. I could sense it. Why had I picked up that morning phone call, breathed that refreshing air on my walk, watched Chubby freewheel like I once did many years ago, just the thought of it spinning my wheels into another realm? […]

Birthday Moon

It’s here, summer solstice, new moon. Beware! Things are haywire. What a loony lead-up to our longest day. It all started Friday on my daily rounds with the dogs when β€” Bingo! β€” back of the hayfield, orchard grass standing tall, bobolinks perched on hardy weed shafts, fluttering, hovering, I saw an uncommon sight, actually […]

Mystery Ramble

Pancho was a bandit boys His horse was fast as polished steel Wore his gun outside his pants For all the honest world to feel. Pancho met his match you know On the desert down in Mexico Nobody heard his dying words Ah, but that’s the way it goes. “Pancho and Lefty” Townes Van Zandt […]

Ascutney Fork

Traveling north on the interstate along the west bank of our Great River, it is near the large green Bellows Falls sign where, under clear skies, pointed Mt. Ascutney first calls β€” its distant, faded peak towering above nearer foothills. Long before roads existed, this distinctive Vermont peak served as an important landmark for approaching […]

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