Monthly Archives: April 2012


Life was good, the weather fine, a cool, stiff south wind making our walk pleasant indeed as random thoughts ran through my consciousness, not unlike the dogs sliding in and out of Sunken Meadow’s dense wetland perimeter. Driving in, the two Canada geese Chubby’s been playing with for months were for the first time in […]


My, how that 90-degree Monday brought in the leafing and blossoming of spring. Overnight, my two large Japanese maples went from subtle buds to small, delicate red leaves, the burning bushes and bridal wreath suddenly became opaque, pink flowers popped out on the apple tree, a similar hue appeared on three Kwanzon cherries, and the […]

Field Trip

Here I sit for the second time today, just couldn’t get started on my first attempt, distracted, too many options. To remedy the little stalemate, I decided to load up the dogs and take a walk through the twin sunken meadows, which always seem to lift me to a better place. When I returned a […]

Bait, Barbs and Poignant Memories

The sports desk flashed the green light Tuesday night, said Wednesday’s local schedule was thin indeed. “Oh good,” I thought. “Now I can go right to town on that column I started Monday and revisited Tuesday.” So, proceed with caution. I have been known to get carried away. Which reminds me. I was in my own little […]

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