Monthly Archives: March 2012

Circling the Bases

I can see the rain pouring down outside, hear it splashing off the flagstone terrace. I knew I should have thrown that whole cord of wood in this morning. Blame the wife, an easy, unjustified target. Up just after 7, I made coffee, fed the fire, got dressed and immediately went to gather wood and […]

Cougars & Stuff

Daffodils stand straight as an Episcopal preacher, cardinals sing their joyous tunes and life is good, spring optimism saturating my nostrils, filling my lungs, penetrating deep into my cynical soul. I love spring but must admit it was not kind to me as a kid. When an adolescent’s sap ascends from his roots, oh my, […]


Wispy morning fog, sodden turf, earthy aroma, no deer, not far. I had been playing with a doe and her yearling the previous two mornings, fun. Drawn by the fresh, tender, tasty green stubble sprouting under the brown hayfield, they’ll be back. But it’s not like there was nothing else to jack up Lily and […]

Rock of Rages

Always dangerous to compose a column one day, then sit down for rewrite chores the next, exactly where I today find myself. So buckle your chinstraps, me a Cancer, waxing Full Sap Moon casting a contemplative midnight hue out back by the brook. Isn’t it nice how this last winter moon cleared the air, lit […]

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