Monthly Archives: November 2011

Buck Tale

I must admit I love it when stories come flying at me, even if they arrive before I’m out of bed in the morning, especially when preoccupied with pheasant season, always looking for an opening to bust free through a thorny covert. So, obviously, I didn’t object one bit to a dawn phone call Tuesday. […]

Bucks & Banter

That beautiful waxing moon that’s been illuminating this week’s clear, starry sky is called by some the Rutting Moon, and it’s supposed to have an amorous effect on mature whitetail bucks, which go into full rut and throw caution to the wind in search of receptive does. Tonight it’s totally full, so bowhunting has likely […]

Somethin’s Happenin’ Here

The huge, white half-moon dominating the southwestern sky Tuesday night got me pondering, as prominent moons often do. This one to me suggested a mouth agape, half opened in astonishment at what has transpired over the past month. First Irene, then this surreal winter snowstorm that visited us last weekend, two months before winter. What […]

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