Monthly Archives: October 2011

Short & Sweet

Observation and evaluation, that’s what it comes down to with me, whether hunting, exploring or just sizing up a man or situation. Take for example rating a local ballplayer. Yeah, the numbers can help, but not so much as actually observing the guy on the field, the way he carries himself, his mechanics, the way […]

A String of Sightings

Here we go again, second consecutive week that there’s so much stuff that it requires two columns; pressing information that really should be covered before it gets old. I probably could have held off but, having just returned from a wet hunt, maybe Wednesday’s local sports events will be canceled, opening up space. Plus, today’s […]

Natives Restless?

I’m assuming pheasant season opened with a bang Saturday. I wasn’t there to witness it. Why buck opening-day crowds? That’s my motto. Crowded coverts are not for me. But I’m not here to chat about hunting today. We have other issues, ones I pushed onto the backburner last week after learning of an old Whately […]

Merrimack Mark

Fancy that, finally some good news about New England Atlantic salmon. A record 402 salmon were captured at the Essex Dam on the Merrimack River in of Lawrence this past spring. Yes, that’s right: 402. What the officials behind Connecticut River salmon restoration would give for a number like that these days. The previous record […]

A Whately Brother

A familiar landscape it was, viewed from a new vista, flavored by a soft southern breeze that helped inflate a solemn affair with a touch of charm. Old friend Dave Scott, ninth-generation farmer on a proud Whately spread — that alone worthy of tribute — was being laid to rest at a place of his […]

Puppy Love

The waxing Hunter’s Moon has cleared the air and I have finally decided on a registered name for the pup I call Chubby; it’s Old Tavern Farm’s Rabble Rouser. Imagine that! A husky, free-spirited incendiary living at the fork in the Upper Meadows’ road? Live with it, Dude. It’s real. I was at the vet’s […]

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