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A light-gray silt film covering the dense, green, wild-rosebush border showed the water line from Sunday’s flash flood that inundated Sunken Meadow. It was head-high, maybe even a little over six feet, and had deposited a significant layer of what looked like clay throughout the Christmas tree farm, the blanket deepest in the depressions, where […]

The ‘Flan’ I Knew

Had Mike Flanagan been told that Gary Sanderson would publish a story about UMass memories after his death, he probably would have flashed that wry, crooked grin I remember well and quipped, “Bags? Uh-oh!” But I’m not here to dust off skeletons from the closets at the 20 Ball Lane, Amherst bungalow we once called […]

Fall is in the Air

I always look forward to early summer when my raspberries and blueberries ripen and I can go outside, pick and drop them atop a fresh bowl of cereal before returning to the kitchen, pouring in milk and mixing it up with a tablespoon. Although the berries have gone by, I can now buy local peaches, […]

Rogue Bruin

Old buddy Richie Kellogg — Big R — phoned Monday morning to renew a summer-long discussion about a rogue black bear that’s been frequenting his Wendell neighborhood. The first time he called, in May or early June, he was concerned because this bear was injured, had destroyed his bird feeders and didn’t seem to be […]

Hollow Beechnuts

I would guess that many people who poke around in the woods like me have, upon entering a beech grove or passing an extraordinary beech tree, stopped out of curiosity to scratch at the ground searching for nuts to crack open looking for meat. I also imagine that these folks have come away as perplexed […]

Cougar Lurking?

The mellow purples and yellows have bled into the landscape along the edges and in the heart of wetlands while the white cemetery hydrangeas have blossomed and small, green, windblown apples are scattered on the ground below their trees. I know. I’ve been throwing them daily into the Green River for the dogs to retrieve, […]

Read & Rant

It’s three till noon, a late start on column day. Please excuse me. Other priorities. So now, here I sit, once again trying to come up with something, potentially dangerous, even though I do have some benign topics in the hopper. My first priority this morning was to finish William McKeen’s recent Hunter S. Thompson […]

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