Monthly Archives: April 2011

Roundabout Deer, Trout

Eli Terry just struck noon from its dining-room shelf and here I sit, fresh off a few hours of procrastination, still waiting for that final stocking report — the most important one, of course. Actually, I guess I’m stretching it a bit to call my morning activity procrastination. Reading is seldom that mindless, especially reading […]

Twin Killing?

A sighting, speculation and a rumor: that’s all I’ve got. Guess it’ll have to do. First the sighting — two deer, likely does, one larger than the other. I spotted them after 7 Saturday morning. They were feeding in the fresh green stubble of a spring straw field as I took a hard right toward […]

Touching The Bases

Overnight rain had a remarkable effect on my yard Wednesday, lifting my spirits on a gray, dreary April morning. Spring can do that to a man, even one t’other side of his peak. What immediately drew my attention on the way out to the kennel was a lilac bush along the western perimeter of my […]

Sage Gent

When Bill Hubbard died last week at 91, the Pioneer Valley lost its dean of antique dealers. With his passing went a moving, breathing repository of knowledge to which I once had privileged access. I usually took his advice as gospel, and on the rare occasion I strayed — once — I got scalded. Lesson […]

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