Monthly Archives: March 2011

Walk Talk

You never know where a brief walk with the dogs will take you. I finally found my way back to Sunken Meadow late last week for my first visit of the New Year. The field is wide open, minus a slim cuff of granular corn-snow along the southern edge, where the sun is obstructed in […]

Why Now?

Wispy, aromatic vapor wafts like a genie from the coffee cup to my left as I sit once again wondering where this hard walnut chair softened by a suede cushion will take me. The faint scent of coffee, 13 bucks a pound, fills my nostrils and temporarily wanders me off to Japan, where those runaway […]

Hilltown Dissent

What for a man to do? It’s mid March, cabin fever fading, that of spring ascending like sweet sap from deep-seated roots, yet winter still, snow too deep to drive or even park off-road, comfortable walking for snowshoers and snowmobile-trail hikers only. Soon, annoying mud will appear. But I guess we all have our ways […]

March Roars

The roars of March, brought by our first hard rains in months, emanated from my backyard early this week — one a constant, soothing roar, the other sudden, violent and threatening, like a bear trying to chase off Old Man Winter; one welcoming spring, the other expelling winter. The continuous roar was the brook that […]

Defiant Valor

“An army’s bravest men are its cowards. The death which they would not meet at the hands of the enemy, they will meet at the hands of their officers, with never a flinching. Ambrose Bierce, Civil War hero/author; from “What I Saw of Shiloh.”   Monday, final day of our shortest month, a long, cold, […]

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