Monthly Archives: April 2010

Stormy Skies

It’s that time of year when, sadly, I must report, not write, despite what’s going on around me. Given a choice, I always prefer writing to reporting. There’s a big difference. One not everyone understands. The time is right for writing. Perfect, in fact. The early spring has produced a rare overlap of beautiful colors from the magnolia, […]


What a difference a day makes. That’s what I was thinking the day after last week’s column about the spring buds and flowers that had greeted me on a morning backyard visit with dog Lily. What had struck me first the previous day were the burning bush’s tiny pink buds, a new color, subtle, lining […]

Native Wonders

I was out back early Wednesday morning with four-legged friend Lily by the brook, running clear and strong, its soothing rattle penetrating dense air as the dog made her rounds, splashing enthusiastically across a shin-high rapid to wet her coat before taking a little romp on the opposite bank. She broke into the perimeter of […]

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