Monthly Archives: August 2009

For What it’s Worth

It’s interesting how column fodder sometimes arrives like sweet lilac scent delivered through the bay window by a subtle breeze-shift, no warning, this week a classic example. There I was, sitting in my study, kicking off a new week, thinking about potential subjects, considering a weird Atlantic salmon development. Yes, it seems our regal, North […]


I was listening to WEEI the morning after Ted Kennedy’s passing, sitting on the tailgate, dogs sniffing around through fresh-cut clover, right-wing bores taking their mean-spirited shots at the late senator, fouling otherwise refreshing air. Finally, it got to me. I thought to myself, “You, Dennis and Callahan, are not in the same stratosphere with […]

Woodstock Rewrite

Uh-oh, a friend was fact-checking my copy, testing the memory of a raw, 16-year-old observer who was then more interested in hitting baseballs than defining life. The phone call came from Bethel, N.Y., Saturday night about 7:30, pregame show, Red Sox-Rangers, on the tube. Friend and dentist Mark Wisniewski was on his cell. He, wife […]

Woodstock Memories, Belated Thanks

My recollection of Woodstock has the clarity of a sepia-tone photo exposed too long to light; dull, faded foreground washed out and bleeding into the background, key details obscured. It’s akin to piecing together a dream. You remember what woke you and little else. After all, I was only a boy, just turned 16, on […]

Call Me Suspicious

So, what should we make of last week’s antlerless-deer-permit drawing, strictly from a western Franklin/Hampshire perspective? Again, we wound up with the short straw, and some natives are restless. Once the bastion of Bay State deer hunting, western Franklin County hilltowns like Whately, Conway, Ashfield, Shelburne, Buckland, Colrain and Leyden are now among the toughest, […]

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