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Not a Good Idea!

I know readers will probably get sick of hearing about my first and only grandchild, Jordan Steel Sanderson, 2, of central Vermont, but I must share with you his first hunting story. On his visits to Greenfield, Jordie has become quite fond of my neighbors’ flock of chickens, which he chases and feeds with absolute […]

Fall Fishing, Bush Fatigue

What better time to wet your line than under cool skies backdropped by brilliant colors reflected in the glassy water surface? It’s New England at its finest; at least that’s how I view it, and judging from the annual fall tourism trade, outsiders concur. From what I’ve seen thus far in the uplands, it looks […]

Right Place, Right Time

This one came to me by e-mail from a Hatfield filly who keeps me posted from time to time, both of us being South Deerfield natives, she closer in age to my baby brother. It’s a good tale; worth sharing; about a bruiser buck that died in an unusual manner, just before dark on the […]

Shelburne Wolf

Thursday, March 06, 2008 It should come as no shock that the ”apparent” wolf shot in Shelburne last fall was confirmed by DNA analysis to be a wild Eastern gray or timber wolf, the likes of which has reportedly been seen many times in recent years but not killed here in Franklin County for more […]

Hunting Grey Ghosts

I got my first taste of bird hunting on the lower west slope of North Sugarloaf in South Deerfield, along a power line where we roamed as kids and flushed many “patridge.” The flushes surprised us as made our many ascensions up the west face of the mountain to the Indian cave hollowed out of […]

Forgotten Fish Weir

As we cross a large, local, free-flowing stream such as the Deerfield River and look down toward the water on a pleasant spring day, we are apt to notice a stationary angler wading to his waist and performing any number of tasks. Perhaps he’s tying a tippet to a leader, or a fly to a […]

Cocks Only

The upland bird hunting season opened Saturday and shotgun reports could be heard throughout the valley on a bright, crisp, colorful autumn day. For what it’s worth, personal observation points to a down year for ruffed grouse. That early assessment is subject to change as the young season progresses, but after brief fruitless visits to […]

Rabid Bobcat

State Deer Project Leader Bill Woytek had an interesting take on the rabid bobcat that went on a rampage through the Greenfield Meadows last month on a sultry Saturday afternoon before being killed by law-enforcement officials. “I guess it has something to say about the many mountain lion sightings reported over the years,” he said. […]

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