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Uneventful ’09

Chalk it up as another disappointing year on the Connecticut River anadromous-fish front. With the Holyoke fish-lift closed for the 2009 season, a total of 76 Atlantic salmon and 162,067 American shad were counted in the river. Add to that the fact that blueback herring have virtually disappeared and it’s starting to look very bleak. […]

New Turkey Standard

The 2009 Massachusetts spring turkey harvest did indeed break 3,000 for the first time on record. The final harvest of 3,072 includes 45 during the inaugural pre-season Youth Hunt. The preliminary harvest released in early June was 3,090, 43 by youths. Discrepancies between preliminary and official harvest are common. The preliminary figure is the fruit […]

What They Don’t Tell You

It’s getting to the point where I can’t take it. I shut off the TV, close the windows and scream. It bothers me that much listening to optimistic Republican talking heads confidently predicting a comeback like the one following Goldwater’s landslide defeat of 1964. After that election, the likes of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan […]

Salmon Crowding Brookies?

A column about declining Eastern brook trout populations throughout the Northeast prompted a response from West County sportsman Bill Meyers, who identified a problem not mentioned in “Eastern Brook Trout: Status and Threats,” published by Trout Unlimited for the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture. Meyers’ point is sure to ruffle feathers, which should come as […]

Downstream Spawning

A development in July 2006 gave hope for downstream spawning in the Connecticut River basin. The last three salmon captured that summer were seined in Connecticut’s Salmon River, suggesting that the fish had taken residence there long ago, perhaps due to recurring heavy river-flow that prevented upstream migration well into June. Salmon start entering the […]

Meyers Enters In

Colrain sportsman Billy Meyers chimed in about a perceived relationship between immature Atlantic salmon stocking and declining Eastern brook trout populations in their native western Franklin County hilltown streams. He was responding to a one-source tirade against salmon stocking by Leyden octogenarian Edward M. Wells, who spent time on his grandparents’ Buckland farm as a […]

Svendsen Sighting

It’s late morning in early November and Carl Svendsen is traveling Bernardston Road north on his way to a northern Greenfield tool show at Indoor Action, when something catches his eye at the Emerson family tree farm, near the outflow of Lover’s Lane. Upon closer inspection from a range of 100 yards, the long tail […]

Tan Blur

Charlie McCracken of Greenfield sort of got lost in the shuffle, buried deep in my clogged Outlook Express Inbox, after coming forward with another Pioneer Valley cougar sighting. Upon receiving it, I read and red-flagged it, planning to revisit it in this space before it got buried. ”I always enjoy cougar-sighting articles and have to […]


First an old friend and new resident of Amherst who, on a fall afternoon in the car with her teenage son, saw a cougar cross the road in front of her on Northeast Street in Amherst. Then a sighting by another woman who spotted a cougar out the window of her Mount Warner Road home in […]

Acton Cat

Yes, it’s old news but still worth sharing because of recurring themes from previous cougar sightings; and this one even includes a police department that believed its eyes, was convinced a big cat was lurking, one that presented potential danger. The town was Acton, about a half-hour northwest of Boston, the date Nov. 8, 2004. […]

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