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Strawberries are ripe, hayfields are scalped and the sweet smell of wild rose fills the meadow air … along with a personal sense of accomplishment following a fruitful weekend trip to The Fort at No. 4. There, in historic Charlestown, N.H., participants from far and wide converged for an entertaining French & Indian War battle […]

Common Ground

Sporting the white, cotton, “Old Hawley Common” T-shirt with red letters that I bought Sunday at the common’s unveiling—hint of bear scent wafting through cool, clear mountain air—inspired inquiries from some folks I bumped into this week in my travels. “Oh, you went to that?” was a question by some who had seen the event […]

A Snow Discovery

New genealogical discoveries pull things into focus from time to time, helping to explain who you are and why you live where you do. I made such a discovery two weeks ago, gaining from it new appreciation for a classic upland landscape I’ve frequented for more than a decade, be it walking my dogs, my […]

Building Bridges

Colrain historian Muriel Russell put a bug in my ear this week about a subject she knows I’m fond of, that being my third great-grandfather, Asaph Willis Snow, a carriage-maker who farmed some 350 acres surrounding the old Fort Lucas site of French & Indian War fame. Russell, a phone pal with whom I share […]

Family Ties

I spent a nice evening last week with about 25 members of the Whately Historical Society, people who share my interest in old homes, old barns, old taverns and old relics from a kinder day. Among my guests was the new owner of a home where my displaced ancestors once lived briefly after a July […]

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