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My long-running discussion on local cougar sightings, which seem to be increasing despite U.S. Fish & Wildlife’s 2011 declaration that Eastern cougars are extinct. Previously they were an endangered species.

Cougar Classrooms

Hmmmm? Isn’t it interesting, maybe even humorous how topics with furry legs and big teeth linger? Yes, here I sit — still studying ritualistic landscapes and sacred burial grounds of our ancient indigenous tribes, with a current focus on sites called Wissatinnewag and Peskeomskut, where Northeastern Indians congregated in peace and harmony each spring to […]

Cat Trackers

Cougars, the four-legged variety, are again on the front burner. … Well, sort of. Truth be told, I have for more than a month been going back and forth on the phone and by email with a man named Ray Weber, spokesman for “Cougars of the Valley,” a local group in dogged pursuit of conclusive […]

Cats and Rats

The days are shorter, the air is cooler, and falling acorns are rattling through sturdy oak limbs as distant peaks display faint harbingers of a brilliant fall finale. Soon there’ll be frost on windshields, smoke exiting chimneys, and beagles baying through upland matshes. Yes, the best time of year is near, and here I sit, […]

Photo Evidence?

Yep, another cougar tale. What can I say? They just keep coming at me. This latest report immediately piqued my interest for a few reasons: first, the southwestern New Hampshire location; second, an interesting photo; and third, I knew the man who wrote the front-page New Hampshire Sunday News story. I was first alerted to […]

Close Encounter

It’s really starting to get wild here in cougar country. First, sightings, then related follow-ups and safety concerns; now shiny green eyes and a guttural grumble that’s difficult to describe, even from close quarters … real close, like, say, five or six feet, if you can believe it. Yes, folks, it looks like these cougar […]

Another Cougar

Uh-oh, here we go again. Buckle your chinstraps. Fasten your seat belts. Looks like another flurry of cougar sightings — four legs, distinctive long tail — the latest one close to home. But, first, a little background. This most recent surge began quite inauspiciously more than a month ago, when an envelope on my Recorder […]

Twists and Turns

Canes and crutches, a forgotten hilltown bookshop and, yes, not surprisingly, more cougar rumors, one old, one new, the latter quite fascinating. In fact, I’d hesitate to report it if I didn’t trust the source. Fun. Another full plate, with lots of space and little local news to fill it. So, why not run with […]

Broken Silence

Here I sit, dilapidated, duct-taped knee brace strapped to my chronic left knee, recuperating from a flare-up that required my first drainage and cortisone-shot remedy since injuring the joint on a bad 1976 landing while stealing second base at East Longmeadow’s Veterans Field. Cortisone had been suggested once in the past but I settled instead […]

Winter Woes

Good thing I dug out my rugged hunting boots with the aggressive tread for a Wednesday-morning trek with the dogs. Icy and treacherous underfoot, I|couldn’t even walk my regular path. Nope. Had to trudge along the edge, crossing the path several times, previous days’ footprints glare ice after overnight rain, the ice getting harder and […]

Cougar Ramble

Another hectic start to column-writing day, which began with a robust workout and moved fluidly from a doctor’s appointment, to running the dogs, to the bank, to the gas station, to Foster’s for dinner and finally home, where I filled the stoveside wood cradle, swept up the debris and poured myself a cup of coffee. […]

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